Having started the year on a high note with a lot of word from Him and promises of a better tomorrow, some of us are disillusioned about the fact that the promises are not here yet. And this is not because He cannot do it – it is not a capacity problem. Maybe not even because it is not His will – He desires such for you. However, time is running out. We need an eleventh-hour intervention!  He can!

Let’s shoot the bullet!


1Sa 3:11  And the LORD said to Samuel, Behold, I will do a thing in Israel, at which both the ears of every one that heareth it shall tingle.

  1. Daddy as this year comes to an end – surprise me!

  2. The testimony that will happen and people will attribute to men or a man only, postpone it. The one that the whole world will know that you helped me – Lord execute speedily!

  3. This eleventh hour – Daddy, do great things in my family that will make people phone and their ears vibrate.

CE version – 1Sa 3:11  The LORD said: Samuel, I am going to do something in Israel that will shock everyone who hears about it!

  1. Use me as a testimony to shock the world that you are real!

  2. Use my business and financials as a testimony that you still do miracles! Lord, make me an uncommon miracle.

  3. Turn every bad part of my story to History!

  4. Everything that the enemy has done to me that has “shocked” me negatively – Turn it around and use it to “shock” the world positively.


1Ki 17:2  And the word of the LORD came unto him, saying,

  1. As the Lord lives, I will laugh last!

  2. This eleventh hour, let the season of famine be terminated in my life!

  3. You spoke to Elijah before famine got severe and after – Speak to me now!

1Ki 17:3  “Leave this place and go east and hide yourself near Cherith Brook, east of the Jordan.

  1. Lord, before this year expires, show where my “east” is so I can turn there for my breakthrough.

  2. From the east of my life, my sun will rise again and is shall no more go down.

1Ki 17:4  The brook will supply you with water to drink, and I have commanded ravens to bring you food there.”

  1. Lord, open the door of my supply again!

  2. In the name of Jesus, I command my doors to be opened again.

  3. Every Dam that has been blocking my brook supply and its flow, let the hand of heaven break such dam now.

  4. Again, Let there be a flow! Peace – flow! Power – flow! Ideas – flow! Phone calls to solve my problems – flow! Emails to lead me – flow! In the name of Jesus – let there be a fresh flow.

  5. From the unlikely source, command me help!

  6. Lord, I am thirsty – give me enough water this eleventh hour!

  7. Every “raven” in whatever shape or form that has been commanded to meet my needs – let the law of divine connection execute the command.

1Ki 17:5  Elijah obeyed the LORD’s command, and went and stayed by Cherith Brook.

1Ki 17:6  He drank water from the brook, and ravens brought him bread and meat every morning and every evening.

  1. Elijah stayed by the brook of Cherith – I terminate every force that prematurely pursues a man from where his blessings are based.

  2. Every suffering that has been inflicted on me and my family this year by chasing us away from our divinely appointed sources – this eleventh hour – reverse it, Lord!

  3. All he needed was available where he was, Isaac sowed in famine in the land where he was and he multiplied, I have suffered enough – Let the anointing of the 11th-hour intervention solve my problem where I am.

  4. The Ravens “brought” his food – Lord, feed me for the rest of my life.

1Ki 17:7  After a while the brook dried up because of the lack of rain.

1Ki 17:8  Then the LORD said to Elijah,

  1. Deliver me from the spirit of denial, everything I need to acknowledge and face and fight but I have been living in denial, show me.

  2. Every past glory that I am still holding to that is causing stagnancy – I let go!

  3. Any achievement that is stale that should be buried for me to move forward, I bury it now!

  4. I have been waiting for the next level instruction after the last brook dried up, let mercy release it.

  5. I will not be a king of the past! I will be the prince for the future in the name of Jesus.

1Ki 17:9  “Now go to the town of Zarephath, near Sidon, and stay there. I have commanded a widow who lives there to feed you.”

  1. Whether from the East, West, North or South – That promised land that will sort me out, before the end of this year – Lead me there!

  2. As the Lord lives, from now, I will not beg for bread! In the name of Jesus


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