Commitment: The Measure Of Maturity

Commitment: The Measure Of Maturity

ICEBREAKER: What was the thing you enjoyed doing most when you were a kid?

EDIFICATION: Read 1Cor. 9:16-18
Once upon a time a farmer, a cow, a chicken and a pig were all having a heated discussion as to who contributes most to the breakfast table. When it seemed that there was no resolution to the debate that evening, it was agreed that the next morning’s meal would bear the answer. When the morning came the farmer was proud to see the wonderful baked goods and biscuits made from the wheat that he had grown. The cow also grinned with delight as large glasses of cold milk were poured and rich creamery butter was placed on the table. The chicken cackled arrogantly as fried and scrambled eggs filled the plates before each of them. The clamor in the room grew as each one boasted of their contribution to the morning feast until they noticed that the pig was not present at the table.. Silence filled the room as they hung their heads in shame as a large plate was set in the middle of the table piled high with ham and bacon. They all realized that they merely gave to the breakfast but the pig committed himself totally.

Ralph Neighbors wrote in his book, “The Shepherd’s Guide Book”, “The extent of a person’s spiritual maturity is the extent of the commitment he or she has to Kingdom activity”. In other words, the more you grow in God the more important the things of God become. Other activities and distractions become less important as the activities of eternal value begin to fill your life.

Jesus gave His life for the kingdom. He was committed to it! Mature
Christians will always feel the same. The apostle Paul wrote in 1Cor.
13:11, that when he was a child he thought, spoke and did as a child,
But when he became a man (spiritually) he put away childish things. Isn’t it time we do the same? To begin to put away lesser things that occupy our time and energy and to invest our lives in the things that are eternal? It’s time to demonstrate the measure of spiritual maturity, commitment

1. (Read.1Cor 13:11) What was Paul referring to as “childish things”? (Childish things is anything that does not have spiritual value or cannot contribute to the kingdom of God. This is not to say that other things have no value at all, but if they are chosen above eternal things, spiritual immaturity may be the cause.)

2. What does being committed to the kingdom of God mean to you?

3. What are some tell-tale signs of Spiritual immaturity? (Poor church attendance* Uninvolvement in Cell Church life* Lack of cooperation with the rest of the body*Neglect of basic Christian disciplines such as prayer, fasting, Bible reading, tithing and giving etc.* Being quickly offended)

4. What are the marks of Christian maturity? (* A firm faith in God * Able to teach and lead others by example * Consistent in their walk with God * Faithfulness in all Christian disciplines* Priority is Christ and others and not self.)

5. (This question is to be directed to the entire group. No answer is expected ) If your closest friend were asked this question about you, “Is he or she a committed Christian?” What would their answer be? Let’s pray for one another that the hope and will of God can be fulfilled in and through us beginning tonight.


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