What Do You See?

What Do You See?

Recently I had a dream that people were receiving parcels and packages and envelopes that carried discouraging news and reports. I could feel the failure, shame and deep disappointment grip their hearts as they read them. I could sense that these reports carried an assignment of the enemy to delay, stunt, and disable growth in God’s people as well as cause deep heart wounding. As I woke up I felt such a strong impression from the Lord: “Don’t accept the delivery!” Much of what I saw in this dream God was revealing was not the truth at all, so I asked Him, “Then what are You saying, Lord?” He answered me with a Scripture:

“The word of the Lord came to me: ‘What do you see, Jeremiah?’ ‘I see the branch of an almond tree,’ I replied. The Lord said to me, ‘You have seen correctly, for I am watching to see that My Word is fulfilled.'” (Jeremiah 1:11-12)

You see, while the enemy wants you to believe that the outcome is set and final in the many areas of your life that have been under fire, God is calling you to see differently and come into agreement with the report of Heaven. Many of us in this season have simply been focusing on the wrong report and been rehearsing the wrong version of our futures.

When Elijah told his servant to go “look toward the sea” in 1 Kings 18, he was giving the same command and teaching him to see differently. After 7 times of looking, he saw a cloud the size of a man’s hand and the long drought ended.

When God called Ezekiel to the valley of dry bones he was teaching him to see differently, to look beyond the bones in the natural to what Heaven’s view and the prognosis was. This season God is stirring us to not just accept what we see but to come into agreement with Heaven so that God’s promises for us are fulfilled.









I want to prophesy over those whose circumstances have been dire and by all outward appearances seem hopeless. I prophesy this week THE REPORT IS CHANGING in Jesus’ name! Whatever you have stacked against you, rise higher and get the download of Heaven for your situation so that you not only overcome it, but you MOVE FORWARD.

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