Breaking the Power of Limitation


There are a lot of people that are born to be kings but the life they live today is like that of a slave; many are supposed to be flying eagles but have been converted into chickens; a lot of people should have been environmental transformers but have been rendered powerless. There is a power that is responsible for this; Many have gotten voices but this power has silenced their voices; this power has made people go to the graveyard with their dreams; there are so many unsung songs, unwritten books; all in the cemetery.  This is the work of the power of Limitation.


Pray this Prayer: Every domestic hidden enemy, loose your power in the name of Jesus.

{2 Sam 1:27} How are the mighty fallen, and the weapons of war perished!

There are powers can make, even the mighty and powerful to fall.

Man that is in honor, and understandeth not is like the beasts that perish.” {Psalm 49:20}

Here lies a man that is loaded with honor but something has limited him, he did not know.

Those kinds of people are supposed to be rich but they don’t know, they have been limited. People that should be feeding others are now being from the people that are supposed to be feeding.

What is the Limitation?

Ø Your Areas of weaknesses.


Ø Your Areas of inefficiencies.

Ø The Minuses in your life

Ø Inabilities

Ø Obstacles

Ø Things that keep you down, spiritually or physically.

Ø A Line which a person cannot proceed.

Ø Boundary surrounding something.

Ø Anything that limits you.

Ø Hindrance from achieving maximum potential.


Ø Things that makes life difficult for a person.

Ø Yokes.

Ø Undermine convene abilities

Ø Restriction arranged to hold down progress

Ø Put progress under conditions

Ø Wicked boundaries set by an enemy I the spirit

Ø Wicked satanic embargoes on rising of a destiny

For Some people; in their family, no one can ever go pass a particular level.

Story Illustration

A particular wicked Occultic father called all his children and told them that none of them should try to be richer than him.  This father said if anyone tries it, that the person will die.

One of the sons latter grew and married a successful business woman; this woman was favored in her trade and everyone would like to buy things from her. The woman began to grow in wealth; she also gave the husband money and the husband use it for business and was flourishing.

One day, this wicked father called this son and told asked him if he has forgotten the warning and that he is almost getting riches that him. This brother that was not a serious prayer warrior dammed the father that nothing will happen to him.

A week later, his wife screamed out at the middle of the night; that someone was holding her neck but no one could see anyone holding her neck.

The ignorant man took his wife to the hospital instead of the prayer ground. Of course, the doctors could not see anything but the woman keep shouting her neck! The doctor had to recommend that the take the woman to the psychiatric hospital. When they got to the psychiatric hospital, just Two minutes after insanity injection was given to the woman, she died.

The man cried bitterly; after the death of the wife the man’s business went down as his financier was now dead; the powers of limitation had dealt with him.

Declare this prayer loud: Embargo powers of my Father’s house, die in the name of Jesus.

. . . More on Limitation

Ø Anything that Says NO to your moving forward.

Ø Limitation causes Failure at the edge of success.


Ø Limitation keeps you where you don’t belong.

Ø Limitation scatters what you gather.


Ø Limitation causes pegs your achievement.

Ø Limitation detains you in the prison of no-achievement


The truth:

As a child of God, you have unlimited power

The level of God power is also the level of your power

People that were affected by the Power of Limitation

Saul: He limited his reign on the throne as king.

Samson:  He limited his potential of achieving more Greatness.

Abraham: He limited his level of prayer and it causes problems for him.

Blind Bartimaeus: He limited his prayers to only one when he was presented with a blank cheque by the King of Kings.

Hard Facts of Limitation

ü Limitations do not just disappear; you have to deal with it.

ü Limitations can be physical, internal, external, and corporate.

ü Limitations have No respect for anybody; the age, status, etc.

ü Some people are born into limitation, others entered into it.

ü Human being can be your limitation, just like Pharaoh was a limitation to the Israelite from going to the promised land.

ü Parental limitation can pull one down.

ü Limitation can be self-imposed

Implications of Limitation

Ø They disallow one from rising.

Ø They Limit effectiveness.

Ø They bring struggling and hardship.

Ø They hinder fruitfulness.

Ø They cause Stagnation and retrogression.


Ø The cause of Shame and disgrace.

Ø They cause frustration.

Ø They cause demotion.

Ø They wage war against advancement.

Ø They are Suicidal powers


Ø They Sponsor discouragement.

Ø They cause Slipping breakthroughs.

Ø They discouraged helpers

The Bible says; in the day that I cry, my enemies shall return back

You need to cry against the power of limitation

. . . Many aspects of this message have been shortened; Get full Sermon from the CD or book

Prayer Points

  1. Strongman! Assigned to limit my life, die in the name of Jesus.
  2. Owners of limitations; Carry you’re your load in the name of Jesus.
  3. Powers holding back my life from progressing; die in the name of Jesus.
  4. Walls of Jericho blocking my promise land; collapse in the name of Jesus.
  5. You my life! You shall not be stagnated! You shall not be demoted in the name of Jesus.

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