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The intent of Heaven is that we should manifest His glory! We are meant to reflect and shine his light! Whatever your level, for the second half /rest of this year

Power Of Determination 

Determination is the strength that carries you through the path of success in the midst of obstacles. The word obstacle is a compound word derived from two words, obstruction and tackle. Every obstruction in life is to be tackled. Determination is the ability to tackle obstruction of life.


It was a normal day for Saul but it was an arranged day from God! From now your days will be arranged. The dad sent him on an errand like any other kid could have been sent but by the end of the day – He had become a king! He did not lobby for it. He did not bed for it – purely by divine arrangement! We will take the scriptures line upon line to use to pray!

Righteous People in Wrong Places

Better Men Have Fallen
Sometimes we get the impression that the children of Israel were just a bunch of losers that were too ungrateful and selfish to deserve to be God’s chosen people. I believe that if we could know some of these individuals as real people and not just as the children of Israel, we would find that they were probably no different than you and I. Only they did not live in the dispensation of grace as you and I do today.  Many times, their sins were dealt with quickly and severely.


There is nothing as sad and frustrating in life than been harassed and forced to leave a position that is rightly yours and that you have worked for – for years! A lot of things can cause this and as you know I prefer a preventive approach to spiritual things!

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